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AV cable to the problems in the use
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AV cable to the problems in the use:
1 different lines can not mix, for example, can not be used to replace the use of coaxial audio cable;
2.AV line in use as far as possible not to bend, and it is best to stay away from the power supply;
3.AV lines should be as short as possible under the premise of sufficient, the excess length will only increase the signal loss;
4 speaker line size should be selected according to the size of the sound power. Too small, signal transmission by the lag, the speaker made a good sound; too much, the signal loss increases, the power amplifier burden increases, speakers also made a good sound.
5.AV wire and the external connection must be tightened. If the bad contact (such as collapse), it will cause the sound noise components can lead to severe burn.
6.AV line after a certain period of time, metal terminals and metal wire core are likely to occur oxidation, which will affect the sound effect, should be replaced according to the actual situation.
Hope that the above remarks you have some understanding, you are welcome to call advisory.

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