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Two telephone line connection method
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?Common telephone lines are two core, four core model, in fact, the telephone line is positive and negative polarity of, any connection can be connected, is because the internal telephone polarity automatic conversion and recognition circuit.
Two core and four core telephone line connection method
Two 1 core telephone line connection method
Will two core telephone line of a port, peel the outer insulating layer of about 0.5 cm, exposing the thin two telephone lines within the core, please do not remove the insulation core, the inner core inserted into two core crystal head in the middle of the two grooves on the bit, then the card line clamp sleeve into, and upper and lower clamp, then two inner core line, should with two metal plates inside the crystal head fully connected together. Two core phone lines can be connected in no order.
Four 2 core telephone line connection method
Four core telephone lines connecting method and two different core, the sequence in which the pressure process must pay attention to four lines in the crystal head, two crystal head back against his, in the header of the first crystal within the core sequence is from to is yellow, green, red, black, in a second crystal head should is from top to bottom yellow, green, red and black. The middle of which is a signal line, on both sides of the data line.
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